Decorating with removable stickers, borders and murals is Fast, Easy and Fun.

Each manufacturer supplies slightly different instructions that are supplied with the product. Make sure you check these out before starting with your decorating.

Make sure the surface is clean, peel from backing and stick. Yes that easy.

Avoid hanging on freshly painted walls.


  • Ensure the surface is clean, smooth and dry.
  • Use a slightly damp sponge or cloth to remove any dust etc.
  • Or wash with sugar soap and rinse for older surfaces.
  • Newly painted walls should be left for at least 3 weeks to completely dry.

Peel from Backing

  • For stickers, carefully peel each sticker from the backing sheet or commence peeling the border from the sheet.

Position & Stick

  • Position and apply stickers to the desired location. Smooth onto the surface with a soft cloth.
  • For borders rule straight line for the bottom edge where you wish to hang the border.
  • Position the first piece matching the bottom edge to the line drawn.
  • Apply firmly onto surface.
  • Continue pulling off the backing and applying to the wall.
  • Smooth with a soft cloth.
  • To join another roll let the second roll overlap matching the pattern deign and remove the excess by placing a ruler or straight edge so that is runs vertically on a section where the border overlaps.
  • With a sharp cutter knife, cut along the rule, applying enough pressure to cut through both strips. Remove the excess paper on top and underneath.


  • To remove or reposition simply peel slowly from surface.