About Us

The Wallpaper People is a Queensland-based Australian company that provide wallpaper and adhesive to all states and territories.

We have partnered with manufacturers in the US and UK to offer a wide range of high-quality wallcoverings.

In addition, we also stock a variety of Lining Papers and Adhesives available in Australia.

If you want to explore our excellent collection, you can browse through our online catalogue www.thewallpaperpeople.com.au This is the perfect place to find the wallpaper that suits your taste.

To make your shopping experience easier, we have provided the pattern number on each of the wallpapers, so retailers can source products found online. All you need to do, is note down this pattern number and take it in to one of the retailers. Please refer to our "Find a Retailer" section.

Feel free to contact us if you need assistance with finding a retailer who can assist.

Now that you have learned about us, feel free to visit our online catalogue and discover the wallpaper you love.

You will also find us on Instagram as wallpaperpeeps.



"The Wallpaper People" exists to redefine interior design in the realms of property development, commercial spaces, eco retreats, and our personal homes and offices. We achieve this by working closely with our retail partners all around Australia. We supply retail stores which include Interior Designers, Paint stores and Wallpaper stores, who assist customers with choosing the right wallpaper to achieve the outcome they desire.

Our purpose is to also infuse spaces with sustainable and regenerative beauty, by also offering eco-friendly wallpapers that transcend traditional aesthetics. We aim to empower others to create environments that not only captivate the eye but can also contribute to a more sustainable and innovative future. Through our family-owned business, we strive to be a catalyst for positive change in the design industry, inspiring a shift towards conscious and responsible choices in interior decor. Our purpose is to elevate spaces and experiences, leaving a lasting impression on the world and those who inhabit it.



Since we do not sell directly to consumers, we recommend checking with your retailer for specific lead times on orders. Delivery is estimated to take approximately two weeks. For any further inquiries or assistance regarding shipping, feel free to reach out to your retailer.

1: Innovation:

We are committed to pushing the boundaries of interior design through continuous innovation. Embracing new technologies, we strive to create wallpapers that not only enhance the harmony in homes and spaces but also set new standards for eco-friendly and sustainable living. Innovation is at the heart of our mission to redefine the aesthetic and environmental impact of interior decor.

2: Connection:

As a family-owned business, we value deep connections and enduring relationships. Beyond being a provider of wallpapers, we aspire to be a lasting presence in the lives of our clients. Our commitment to a lasting impact is fueled by the belief that strong connections, whether with our customers, our manufacturers, our retailers or within our own family, are the foundation for sustained success and meaningful contributions to the design industry.

3: Regeneration:

Environmental stewardship is ingrained in our DNA. We acknowledge our responsibility to the earth from which our inspiration stems. Our commitment to regeneration goes beyond creating beautiful wallpapers; it extends to a dedication to give back to the environment. Through sustainable practices, we aim to contribute to the regeneration of the planet, ensuring that our creations have a positive and lasting impact on both spaces and the Earth itself.