Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Do you sell directly to consumers?

We are importers and wholesalers that supply designer quality wallcoverings to Australian retailers, designers, and decorators. We exclusively supply to retailers and do not sell directly to consumers.

If you wish to make a wallpaper purchase, please contact one of our preferred retailers.


  1. Where can I view your wallcoverings and murals?

Explore our collections on our website at, or visit your nearby retailer offering our wallpaper books for viewing. These books feature samples for you to inspect in person.


  1. How long does delivery take?

The delivery of our products to retailers is contingent upon manufacturer availability. Our goal is to fulfill most orders to retailers within 2 weeks or less. However, delivery times for high-end designer wallcoverings may vary, especially for handcrafted designs, which may take longer than standard items.


  1. Should I use a professional to hang my wallpaper?

Given the diverse range of wallpaper variations and their materials used, each type requires a specific installation process. For optimal results, we strongly advise engaging a professional for the installation of your wallcoverings.


  1. Should I ‘prime’ my wall prior to hanging wallpaper?

Primer serves as a protective sealant, preventing the paste from being absorbed into an unpainted wall and enabling it to adhere to smooth surfaces. It's strongly advised to prime the wall before installing wallpaper as it ensures an even surface for better adhesion and facilitates easier wallpaper removal if you choose to update it in the future.

We suggest utilizing the ACM PRIMER+ PLUS, an anti-mould, antibacterial, and sanitizing primer designed for walls and floors. This primer features ACM's proprietary sanitizing gel, THYMOLGEL®, which is based on Thymol, known for its antibacterial and antiviral properties derived from the Thyme plant. The primer is ready-to-use, acrylic resin-based, non-dripping, very low in V.O.C., and includes Thymol.


  1. What wallpaper paste should I use?

We recommend using TEXRECO N by ACM. TEXRECO N is a natural, pre-mixed starch-based adhesive suitable for various wallcoverings. It pairs well with all ACM starch-based products and is perfect for residential, commercial, and contract wall coverings in settings such as offices and hotels.

You can conveniently order the adhesive along with your wallpaper from your retailer.


  1. How much wallpaper do I need?

Use our wallpaper calculator to help you with your calculations.

Precise calculation of roll quantities is vital due to the batch printing of wallpapers, where each batch might show slight differences in colour and texture. Ensuring all your wallpaper rolls are from the same batch is crucial for achieving a seamless result.


  1. Where do I find my local retailer?

Our preferred retailers can be found here.


  1. How do I clean my wallpaper?

Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the cleaning of your wallpaper. The type of material your wallpaper is made from will determine how to best maintain and clean your wallpaper.



Please refer to the table below for a quick washability reference guide:


Not washable

This type of wallpaper is very delicate. Use a dry cloth to gently dust the wallpaper, taking care not to apply any pressure.


Use a damp sponge (not wet) to gently wipe the surface of the wallpaper. Take care not to wipe too much or use too much pressure.


Use a damp sponge (not wet) to carefully remove surface dirt. Take care not to wipe too much or use too much pressure.

Extra washable

Durable enough to withstand gentle cleaning. Use a damp sponge (not wet) to wipe away any surface dirt. Take care not to wipe too much or use too much pressure.


Apply slightly more pressure to remove surface dirt, being careful to avoid excessive scrubbing and over-moistening the sponge and paper.

Extra scrubable

The most hard-wearing type of wallpaper. You can apply slightly more pressure to remove surface dirt, being very careful still, not to over moisten the sponge or scrub in the same area too much.



  1. Do you offer refunds?

Since we don't maintain wallpaper stock, each order is tailored to the customer's specifications. Therefore, we cannot provide refunds for changes of mind or incorrect quantities. While we'll make every effort to locate specific batch numbers from the manufacturer in cases of underordering, this may not always be feasible. Nonetheless, we're committed to assisting you in finding a resolution to any issues that may arise.


  1. What to do if your wallpaper has a fault or is damaged in transit.

It is crucial to carefully inspect all wallpaper prior to installation. Thoroughly examine the wallpaper for any manufacturing defects so that we can arrange a replacement if necessary. Please reach out to the retailer where you made your purchase so they can promptly contact us. We will require photos of the fault to assist you further.


  1. Samples

If you're uncertain about which wallpaper to choose, samples offer a great opportunity to experience the colours firsthand and feel the paper's texture. Samples for all our wallpapers are available at just $5.50 each. Please note that sample sizes may vary depending on the manufacturer.